PACE provides its participants with high-quality, individualized care.

PACE is an alternative to living in a nursing home. Most people if given a choice prefer to stay in their own home or at least in their own community. PACE offers an opportunity to stay at home with support in place.

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) serve seniors with chronic care needs by providing access to the full continuum of preventive, primary, acute and long-term care services. PACE programs take many familiar elements of the traditional health care system and reorganize them in a way that makes sense to families, health care providers, and the government programs and others that pay for care.

For consumers, PACE provides:

  • Caregivers who listen to and can respond to their individualized care needs,
  • The option to continue living in their community as long as possible, and
  • One-stop shopping for all health care services

For health care providers, PACE provides:

  • Capitated funding arrangement that rewards providers who are flexible and creative in providing the best care possible,
  • The ability to coordinate care for individuals across settings and medical disciplines, and
  • The ability to meet increasing senior demands for individualized care and support services

For those who pay for care, PACE provides:

  • Cost savings and predictable expenditures,
  • A comprehensive service package emphasizing preventive care that is usually less expensive and more effective than acute care, and
  • A model of choice for older individuals focused on keeping them at home and out of institutional settings